Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter HS170 Review

The Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter is ideal for all ages; mostly suitable for age 14 and above. Its ease of use, sturdiness in case of crashes and not to mention, its affordability, makes this quadcopter a good investment, overall.


Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter HS170 Review

The chassis of the Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter is beautifully decorated with super-bright LED lights. The beautiful displays are not only mesmerizing to watch at night, but they also help you to keep track of the copter at all times. (Drones can be quite easy to lose in low-light conditions)

The body-casing of this quadcopter is made from a lightweight, flexible, fairly durable, high-quality plastic material. The blades and landing gear are made from the same material but they are way sturdier than the rest of the body, given their more complex functions.

Small Philips screws are used to assemble all the components together. This is quite a unique and wise choice because they are way better than plastic rivets, which most of the other manufacturers use. With this quadcopter, you can actually order a replacement part if broken and attach it yourself using the screws (replacement parts are also available on Amazon).


Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter HS170 Review

The Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization system for a more stable, totally maneuverable flight.

Its lightweight and flexible frame translates to more wind resistance.

The drone comes with an inbuilt 2.4 GHz anti-interference technology. This feature allows you to fly multiple copters at a go.

The Imported coreless motor power system, renowned for positive qualities including an extended lifespan of the quadcopter and faster acceleration and deceleration for more precise flying, is a feature you wouldn’t miss on the Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter.

The built-in cooling network system located inside the motor ensures that the drone does not overheat during a flight.

The control board has an inbuilt battery drain protection unit. When your battery is about to drain off completely, the LED lights will start to flash repeatedly. The throttle will then decrease slowly, allowing for a graceful landing.

In case of an accidental crash, the blades are designed to pop right off. This feature prevents the damage to the rest of the copter. Other cheaper models without this feature usually split in half in the event of a crash.

Lastly, the Predator comes with a HEADLESS SECURITY SYSTEM. This feature also works to ensure that you do not lose the drone.

Range: 30-50 meters

Charge options

  • Battery: 1 Lithium Ion Batteries (included).
  • Flying Time: About 6-8 minutes
  • Charging Time: about 60-80 minutes (Under current input 0.5A-1A)

Color options

  • 1 color variant (pictured) – Black and White, with a metallic blue decal.

What comes in the ordered package?

Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter HS170 Review

  • 1 x 2.4G Remote Controller (1.5v AA batteries not included)
  • 1 x 3.7V 350mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • 4 x Additional Rotating blade
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual


5.3 x 1.6 x 5.3 inches


14.4 ounces


  • The Holy Stone Quadcopter is perfect for a first-time try out, especially for your kids. On top of its advanced flyer modes, it comes with three different modes for beginners. This, together with the highly responsive controls makes this drone quite easy to fly. For an amateur, it hardly takes any practice to get the hang of flying!
  • The drone has a decent battery life
  • Quite resilient for even more durability.


  • Incessant beeping during headless mode can get annoying
  • Replacement blades do not match up properly (they do work perfectly though)
  • Return to manufacturer does not guarantee replacement or a 100% refund
  • The controls can be quite confusing, especially for first-timers

Consumer Reviews: Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter

Looking through all of the reviews on Amazon and other websites there is a generally positive response from those that have bought and used Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter. A few key observations in the feedback of the reviews indicate that it has a great build quality and can withstand countless wrecks. It also boasts good stability and responsiveness for both indoor and outdoor flying. A lot of reviewers really like the different colored lights on the bottom of the unit as they make it really easy to identify the front and back from far away. There’s also many reports of easier recovery from flips and rolls than on some other drone models.

Generally, the consensus is that the design and build quality of this drone are really quite unexpected at this price point. Most people initially bought one for their kids to play with expecting it not to last that long, but were really surprised by how long it lasted, considering all the crashes that inevitably happen with children, or really anyone that’s starting out. Multiple reports confirm that in its fastest mode, it can hit impressive speeds.. A decent battery life compared to other manufacturers. Also, any correspondence with Holy Stone has been reported well, with a lovely attitude and a quick response rate that makes you really feel like they are there to help with customer support. A few reviews complained about the fact that there seems to be an overly long time required to charge the battery through the USB charger – it’s more than an hour. This charging time does seem quite long considering the flying time, but it is not that different from a lot of other models out there.


The Price of the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2 falls well within the average price range for these types of quadcopters. It is not observed to be too high or low for the quality of the product.

Safety Tips

1 – This quadcopter has powerful, responsive motors. Adjust the throttle slowly, as this will help you avoid any damage that might be caused by loss of control. Doing this gives you more control over the Holy Stone Predator.

2 – The motors and circuit boards will heat up with extended use. Take 10-minute cool down breaks between flights to ensure that the parts last as long as possible.

3 – The USB charger should be used under currents input 0.5A, or you do have the option to use an upgraded battery charger. You can buy it from here.

4 – The weight of this RC Helicopter Drone is less than 0.5lb and therefore no registration is required for this model by the FAA.