5 best FPV drone racing kits you must buy

Drone racing is getting popular day by day owing to the creation of many leagues like Drone Racing League (DRL) and competitions like the Dubai World Drone Prix. In the drone competition, the winner was a 15 year boy, who won $250,000 as the winning price.

This made a lot of kids inclined towards this new fad of drone racing.

They too want to win such competitions in future.

In order to take part in such competitions, you need to buy a high quality FPV drone racing kit, which can improve your chances of winning such competitions.

However, if you still do not know what a racing drone is, then it is a small quadcopter that is made so as to take part in a FPV racing competition.

FPV stands for First Person View.

It can also help to take part in other such racing events that are held in many major cities worldwide, like the two we mentioned above.

Therefore, you must buy an efficient  FPV drone racing kit to win such competitions.

We have listed the 5 best FPV drone racing kits. You can buy any one of these according to your preferences and then take part in such drone racing competitions.

1. SunFounder Q250 FPV Quadcopter Drone Frame Kit

5 best FPV drone racing kits you must buy

This FPV drone racing kit is great for beginner players who want to fly their very own quadcopter. This kit includes a quadcopter in the shape of X, which is very stable, efficient, as well as flexible as compared to the ones that come in a shape of H.

The kit comes with many things, including an upper board, bottom board, fixing camera board, four quadcopter arms, balance charger, CC3D flight controller, four Hobbywing ESC, Hobbywing UBEC, four EMAX2204 motor, balance charger, one batter indicator, power adapter, one Li-Po battery, etc.

You can easily fly and assemble this quadcopter, as it accompanies a guide of CC3D software debugging and assembling videos.

This light weight drone weighs only 476 gram and has total flight duration of 11 minutes.

It works on 11.1 voltages and offers stable flights in low as well as high altitudes or in a forest. By mounting the skid landing damping sponge tubes, the helicopter flights can be made stable as well as they can protect its frame.

2. DYS XDR220 RTF FPV Drone Racing Kit

5 best FPV drone racing kits you must buy

This drone racing kit features a high performance quadcopter, which has a nice design. It is light in weight, extra durable, bend-resistant, and strong, as it features a carbon fiber frame with HD CCD camera and in-built electronics.

With its enhanced sensor and camera, the pilot can take high quality pictures. The quadcopter runs on powerful brushless motors, which allows it to fly at high speeds without making any damage to the device.

The quadcopter comes fully assembled, so that users can fly it as soon as they get it. You get a 9 channel, 2.4GHz transmitter with this drone. This controller has customizable switches and a colorful LCD screen that lets you control the drone in a faster way.

Plus, you get FPV goggles that are equipped with beveled lens screen that enables users to see more display, without scanning every part of the screen. No matter if you are an experienced flyer or just a beginner, you can fly this drone on your own. This drone can fly about 3,000 feet or 900 meters on the ground and nearly 5,000 feet or 1,500 meters in air.

3. Readytosky ZMR180 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit

5 best FPV drone racing kits you must buy

This drone kit features a quadcopter with carbon fiber frame. It is a very fast drone with a small size, which makes it quite popular amongst drone fans. Moreover, it is quite easy to fly and operate with its simple design.

This quadcopter is of high quality with a 1.5mm top plate and a 3mm bottom plate. Plus, it is light in weight and weighs only 72 grams, even when you mount the spacers and hardware on it. This kit comes with one PDB board and one carbon frame kit quadcopter.

4. SunFounder 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone Frame Kit

5 best FPV drone racing kits you must buy

The SunFounder 250 FPV quadcopter is very high in quality. It is tailor made for every beginner player who wants to take part in a drone racing competition. With a light weight structure, the quadcopter features propeller blades that are high in strength and are resistant to explosives. Plus, they have a smooth design. They are not affected by the wind during flights.

The kit includes a CC3D flight controller, which works on 12A ESC and MT2204-2300KV motor. The quadcopter has a weight of 519 grams and can fly for a total duration of 7 minutes on 11.1 voltages. The assembling videos and CC3D software debugging guide that you get with this quadcopter makes it easy to assemble and use.

This kit includes one quadcopter frame set, four motors, one balance charger, one battery indicator, one power adaptor, four 12A ESC, one Li-Po battery, one CC3D flight controller, four CCW propellers, and one adapter cable.

It also comes with one USB cable, one heat shrink tubing, one damping plate, one section board, one lashing, one Allen wrench, one Velcro tape, one glue, zip ties, four damping pipe, and banana bullet connector. Although, you may face some problems with the motor of the heli, it is nevertheless fun to.


So, these are the 5 best FPV drone racing kits, among which you can buy the right one for yourself as per your requirements and preferences. All flying hobbyists, computer game fans, and aspiring pilots will love to have a FPV drone racing kit of their own. Make sure that you keep your budget in mind and then only purchase a FPV drone racing kit.

At the end, you must fly your drone safely. After all, there is nothing above safety. This is particularly important if you are flying with goggles, as then you cannot see behind with the tunnel vision of the goggles. Hopefully you would have got some help with this post in buying the right FPV drone for yourself.